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“I find it difficult to separate Royal Melbourne’s Composite Course, Kingston Heath and Metropolitan in terns of choosing Australia’s best layout.”

– Adam Scott, 2013 U.S. Masters Champion


“You know, the fairways are just magnificent.  I said to my caddie on the last, I said they don’t even make carpet as uniform and as smooth as this. Best fairways in the world, no doubt. I don’t think anyone would deny that. I think you would be hard pushed to find anything better than this. The bunkering, the shaping, the greens are perfect.” 

– Stuart Appleby, November 2014


“It’s such an amazing place. It’s always been the benchmark for the conditioning, it’s just incredible, the best fairways in the world, probably the best greens in the world. It’s such a beautiful place.”

– Geoff Ogilvy, November 2014


“The bunkering is the equal of any I have seen in the world…….the World Cup could be played at Metropolitan on Monday afternoon”

– John Paramor, 2013, European Tour Chief Referee


“Metropolitan is the best course in Australia BY FAR!”
– Katherine Hull February 2009

“I’ve checked my schedule (for the year ) and I’d say this is the best course I’m going to play for the whole year.”

– Ernie Els 3 January 2001


“I don’t think you can get any better fairways than these, you can get them as good maybe, but not better…this course is only half a club behind Augusta.”
– Tom Lehmann 3 January 2001


“I think Tom Lehman said yesterday, when I read today’s paper, it (Metropolitan) was only half a club behind Augusta National. I think it’s a whole set of clubs ahead of Augusta in condition. This is a natural golf course where the grass is playable 12 months of the year, the greens are the same, but Augusta is very tricked up, very manufactured, seeded special grass, special sand in the bunkers and really a lot of make-up on it and this is really just the most natural primo course in the world. You couldn’t put anything near it, as far as I’m concerned.”
– Stuart Appleby 4 January 2001


“Unquestionably I would rank it (Metropolitan) comfortably in the top ten I have played in the world, maybe even the top five.”
Mark McNulty 4 January 2001


“I’m not sure I recall being at one of our events in the last couple of years where every player in the field is just ecstatic about the quality and the condition of the golf course…hats are off to everybody here at Metropolitan for getting this great golf course in the condition that it’s in…Metropolitan has certainly enhanced its reputation as one of the world’s great golf courses.”
– Tim Finchem,U.S PGA Tour Commissioner 6 January 2001


“Oh this course is fantastic, the only course we hear about down here is Royal Melbourne, how come we haven’t heard about this place ?”
– Dennis Paulsen 4 January 2001


“I have continued to play well here at Metropolitan, I won the Open here in ’93 and I just love it…the greens are perfect…the course is flawless.”
– Brad Faxon 5 January 2001


“The condition(of this course) is flawless – the best it’s ever been. The fairways have probably been the best in the world for eight to ten years.”
– Robert Allenby 3 January 2001

8thHole“(this is)Probably one of the best golf courses I have played for a while and the greens are just unbelievable to putt on…off the tee, it’s very demanding, you have got to be able to hit the ball straight on every hole. The green, your approach has to be a precise shot, otherwise it can run out to almost impossible places to can get up and down. A very good test for golf and I think it’s good for the tournament itself.”

– Vijay Singh 2 January 2001


“Apart from the fact that it’s a great course, I think it’s a great design, the guys that look after it do a fantastic job and help to do it justice, it’s a tremendous layout in tremendous condition…it goes without saying, I mean, the greens are fantastic, the fairways are tremendous, this is a marvellous golf course in fantastic condition.” 
– Andrew Coltart 3 January 2001


“Sensational. Any time you get to go and play on a golf course like this anywhere in the world, I’m sure that players would love to go and play. The fairways, the tees, the greens, the bunkers, everything is first class.”
– Craig Parry 3 January 2001


“The course is the best I’ve played in my life.”
– Jeff Sluman 2 January 2001


“This will probably be the greatest course we (PGA Tour) will play this year.”
– Mike Bodney,U.S PGA Tour official 18 January 2001


“I played in the ’84 Vic Open here. I don’t remember a thing about it. I remember drinking Swannies (beers) in the patio, that’s about it. I don’t remember the golf course though which is suprising, it’s a great golf course, the fairways are awesome.”
– Craig Stadler 4 January 2001


“It should be the centerfold in ‘Greenkeepers Monthly’ “
– Brett Ogle (TV commemtator) 3 January 2001