Slow play is a constant problem and players are reminded of their responsibility to others. A two-stroke penalty or disqualification can be applied in competition play. Slow play can be avoided by observing the following suggestions:

1. Keep up with the group in front.

2. Move briskly between shots and do not delay when it is your turn to play.

3. Players should always show consideration for other players on the course by not moving, talking or making noise whilst other players are about to play. More information is on page 27 of the Rules of Golf.

4. Do not walk ahead of someone still to play but select your club before it is your turn to play. On the putting green, repair your pitch mark and study the line of your putt before it is your turn to play.

5. Finish putting out without standing on the line of other players.

6. Do not take your buggy across the green.

7. Pull the bag of the last player on the tee forward immediately after the player has played his shot.

8. Play a provisional ball if it is likely that your ball may be hard to find in the rough or trees. Assist other players by watching their shots.

9. Following players MUST be called through if you fall one hole behind the group in front.

10. Call following players through if they are waiting and your ball is not immediately found. You may search for your ball for 3 minutes.

11. Players who call through another match should not resume play until the players called through are safely out of range.

12. Never mark your card when it is your turn to play and do not hold up play by marking your card on the green.

13. Enter and leave bunkers at their low part and walk directly to your ball via the flat portion of the bunker. Smooth or rake all marks in a bunker and leave the rake in the centre parallel with the line of play.

14. All players must carry a sand bucket or dispenser and place sand in divot marks.

Etiquette & Slow Play

Section 1 of the Rules of Golf provide that if a player consistently disregards etiquette or play guidelines during a round or over a period of time to the detriment of others the Committee may take disciplinary action against the offending player. Such action may include prohibiting play for a specified time or play in certain competitions.

Pace of Play Guidelines

The following are the MAXIMUM acceptable pace of play guidelines, including allowance for a few minutes break at Fergie’s hut after nine holes:

Women: (play in threes)
Stroke: Fours hours and ten minutes
Stableford/Par: Three hours and fifty minutes

Men: (play in fours)
Stroke: Four hours and fifteen minutes
Stableford/Par: Four hours

Mixed: (play in fours)
Stableford/Par: Four hours

Golf Operations staff regularly monitor and record the pace of play. Players who do not conform with the pace of play guidelines and inconvenience other players may be warned and/or face disciplinary action in accordance with the Rules of Golf.10 11

Playing Rights – Precedence


Lone players, or groups of more than four players have no rights. They, and players who break the proper sequence of their round, must stand aside without request and allow any group playing the proper sequence to pass. Players taking part in any Championship match have priority over all other play and may play through or have right of way on any tee.

PLAYERS ON THE TIMESHEET HAVE RIGHT OF WAY ON THE STARTING TEE over players who are coming ?through the turn? after 9 holes who must wait and retain their place in the field. However players more than five minutes late to the tee have no rights and must stand aside without request.


Timesheets operate every day, usually off both tees, morning and afternoon. It is therefore recommended that members book tee times in advance. Timesheets are generally structured for play in fours and therefore TWO BALL MATCHES DO NOT HAVE PRIORITY and must retain their place in the field. Players on the timesheet of the day have precedence, whether commencing at the 1st or 10th tees, but shall alternate with knock-out matches that continue past the 18th hole. Play before the timesheet opens is restricted to 9 holes only.

Players on the timesheet who arrive at the tee more than five minutes after their designated hit off time have no rights and must stand aside without request.

Safety on the Course

Safety on the Course

In order to provide a safe environment for golfers and staff it is very important that PLAYERS MUST NOT PLAY A STROKE IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE THAT ANOTHER PERSON IS IN RANGE OR IS IN A POTENTIAL POSITION OF DANGER. Golfers must not hit up on players in front or on course maintenance staff unless called to do so. On the green, if the flagstick is not in the hole golfers must not hit to the green until the flagstick is replaced and the green is clear of players and/or staff.

Golfers must wait and give way to maintenance vehicles or mowers to pass or be safely out of range before playing a stroke. It is also important that players do not walk ahead of other players in their own group, or at the very least maintain what they consider to be a safe distance and/ or angle away from the golfer about to play- thereby avoiding the possibility of being struck by a wayward shot. In the event of a wayward shot being played golfers MUST warn of possible danger to other players by shouting the traditional call of “fore”.

Practice on the Course

A single player may play a MAXIMUM OF TWO BALLS but has no rights and must stand aside without request and must play from the white or orange (men) or red or yellow (ladies) tee markers.