Extreme Weather Policy and Safety Procedures

An extreme weather policy and safety procedures has been formulated to provide safety for players when exposed to the hazards of extreme weather conditions and are now part of The Metropolitan Golf Club’s Health and Safety management system. It is very important that you take the time to read the policy and familiarise yourself with the procedures.

Please click here to view Metropolitan Golf Club’s Extreme Weather Policy

Safety on the Course

In order to provide a safe environment for golfers and staff it is very important that PLAYERS MUST NOT PLAY A STROKE IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE THAT ANOTHER PERSON IS IN RANGE OR IS IN A POTENTIAL POSITION OF DANGER. Golfers must not hit up on players in front or on course maintenance staff unless called to do so. On the green, if the flagstick is not in the hole golfers must not hit to the green until the flagstick is replaced and the green is clear of players and/or staff.

Golfers must wait and give way to maintenance vehicles or mowers to pass or be safely out of range before playing a stroke.

It is also important that players do not walk ahead of other players in their own group, or at the very least maintain what they consider to be a safe distance and/or angle away from the golfer about to play – thereby avoiding the possibility of being struck by a wayward shot.

In the event of a wayward shot being played Golfers MUST warn of possible danger to other players by shouting the traditional call of “fore”.