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This short par four doglegs sharply right around several deep fairway bunkers that have proved pivotal in deciding at least two Australian Opens. Bob Shearer in 1979 and Ian Baker-Finch in 1986 both drove into the bunkers and made killer bogeys that cost them their chance in those tournaments. Some can drive far enough to reach the green but it’s almost impossible to keep such a long shot on the small sloping green. Often the pin placement dictates the best place to play to from the tee with the most difficult pin to get close to being behind the front right bunker, when the flag is there it’s often easier to approach from 70 metres than it is from 30. A wonderful example of how great a well designed short par four can be.

Hole Stats - Hole 16

Championship 345m  /  Par 4  /  377 yd

Mens 319m  /  Par 4  /  348 yd

Womens 264m  /  Par 4  /  289 yd