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The championship tee added for the 1997 Australian Open stretched this hole out to 434 metres and into a wind from the north it’s a brutally difficult hole. The hole is actually dead straight and it is the blocked drive that is caught by the fairway bunkers down the right, but when the flag is on the left of the green it’s clearly best to approach from close to the bunkers. In the 1979 Australian Open, Greg Norman hit two terrific shots, the second with a five iron, just under the tier of the two level green and then three putted to lose by one to Jack Newton. Eighteen years later in 1997, from almost exactly the same spot, Norman three putted in the playoff with Lee Westwood to lose the Open again.

Hole Stats - Hole 18

Championship 434m  /  Par 4  /  474 yd

Mens 400m  /  Par 4  /  437 yd

Womens 325m  /  Par 4  /  355 yd